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Founding of the Clan

The Kanako clan was founded a few decades before the birth of Yumakure by a woman named Kokoro. She and her husband Akai had grown up together among the forest in the mountains and were the first to catalouge the animal and plant species of the region. The two of them grew to gain many friends who shared in the interest of catalouging the biological aspect of their home. A few decades later (Kokoro was in her late 40's), the first Yumakage gained knowledge of their work and formed an alliance with them. The first Yumakage gave the group a small section of the village to live and work in in exchange for the wealth of knowledge of the plant and animal life of the area. Kokoro agreed to these terms and had her group moved to the village. Their name came several years later when the second Yumakage needed a name to put in the records. It was debated by the kage and his advisors and the name Kanako was decided upon based on an exctinct plant variety named as such.

Early Stages
In the early stages of the clan's development, the distinctive yellow eyes and purple hair surfaced. A child of Kokoro, Kanami, had a strange genetic birth defect that discolored her hair and eyes. Another child of one of the other families also had a daughter born with the discoloration of the hair and eyes. As the children of the original founders grew up they became close to eachother and married, causing the strange purple hair and yellow eyes to circulate. A few years passed and Yumakure grew bigger and grew the need to have more protection and support from the people of the village. The newer Kanako clan gladly stepped up and began to develop poisons for the ninja's to use. With the developmenet of poisons, a need for antidotes was called for and the production of them also surfaced. Through the next several years they became a stable minor clan of the village.

Pre Naruto

I am using a konoha timeline reference for this.

When Hiruzen Sarutobi first became hokage Yumakure had become a decent sized village. The clan had also grown in size and become one of the villages more usefull, prominent clans. They had developed a good sorce of able ninja's and income for the village as well as a valuable resorce to other villages as well. The clan has helped stabilize the village.
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